IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
12–15 September 2022 // Virtual Conference

Track 03: Practical and Experimental Systems


Thomas Haustein (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany)
Ali Sadri (Airgain, USA)
Yonghui Li (Sydney University, Australia)
Satoshi Suyama (NTT docomo, Japan)

Session TUE2-E : Experiments 1

Tuesday 13 September, 13:15-14:45(UTC+9)
Session Chair: Doohwan Lee (NTT, Japan)

Title Authors
Experimental Investigation of FSO Systems Under the Effect of Atmospheric Turbulence, Heat, and Fog Gyan Deep Verma, Aashish Mathur and Pramod Kumar Yadav (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India)
Recurrent Neural Network Architecture for Communication Log Analysis Swaraj Kumar (Samsung R&D Institute, India); Vishal Murgai (Samsung R&D Institute, Bengaluru, India); Devashish Singh (Samsung R&D Institute, India); Issaac Kommineni (Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore, India)
Two-Step Wireless Link Quality Prediction Using Multi-Camera Images Hisashi Nagata, Riichi Kudo, Kahoko Takahashi and Tomoaki Ogawa (NTT, Japan); Koichi Takasugi (NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, Japan)
Design and Implementation of Endogenous Intelligence-Based Multi-Access Edge Computing Yuyang Wang, Liqiang Zhao, Haiyan Tu and Guorong Zhou (Xidian University, China); Qingyu Yin (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Xi’an Research Center, China)

Session TUE3-D : 5G Evaluation 

Tuesday 13 September, 15:15-16:45(UTC+9)
Session Chair: Satoshi Denno (Okayama University, Japan)

Title Authors
Microservice-Based Management and Orchestration of 5G Core Network Manhua Zhu (Xidian University, China); Xuefei Duan (Guangdong Communication & Network Institute, China); Haiyan Tu, Yunfeng Wang, Guorong Zhou, Xianmei Jin and Liqiang Zhao (Xidian University, China)
Initial Physical Cell ID Detection Time Using NR Synchronization Signals Based on System-Level Simulation Shun Yoneda and Mamoru Sawahashi (Tokyo City University, Japan); Satoshi Nagata (NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Japan)
End-To-End Latency of V2N2V Communications Under Different 5G and Computing Deployments in Multi-MNO Scenarios Baldomero Coll-Perales (Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche (UMH), Spain); Maria del Carmen Lucas-Estañ (Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Spain); Takayuki Shimizu (Toyota Motor North America, Inc., USA); Javier Gozalvez (Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Spain); Takamasa Higuchi (Toyota Motor North America R&D, USA); Sergei Avedisov and Onur Altintas (Toyota Motor North America R&D, InfoTech Labs, USA); Miguel Sepulcre (Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Spain)

Session WED1-E : Experiments 2 

Wednesday 14 September, 08:45-10:15(UTC+9)
Session Chair: Takahide Murakami (KDDI Research, Inc., Japan)

Title Authors
Attentive Dual-Head Spatial-Temporal Generative Adversarial Networks for Crowd Flow Generation Jianxue Li, Yang Xiao, Jiawei Wu, Yaozhi Chen and Jun Liu, Dr. (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)
An SDR-Based Performance Measurement of LTE and WLAN Coexistence Nadia Yoza Mitsuishi and Yao Ma (NIST, USA); Jason Coder (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA)
Design of mmW Digital Twin Platform Toward B5G/6G — High-Precision Measurement System and Relay Station Deployment– Keishi Tokugawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan); Kazuki Maruta (Tokyo University of Science, Japan); Kei Sakaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology & Fraunhofer HHI, Japan); Jin Nakazato (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan); Soh Masuko (Rakuten Institute of Technology, Japan)
Loopback Crosstalk Estimation and Compensation for MIMO Wideband Transceiver Systems: Design and Experiments Juinn-Horng Deng (Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan); Keng-Hwa Liu, Wei-Cheng Huang and Pin-Nian Chen (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan); Meng-Lin Ku (National Central University, Taiwan)