IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
12–15 September 2022 // Virtual Conference

Virtual Event

Proceedings (Conference Program)

We have sent the download instructions for proceedings (conference program) to the conference attendees who completed the registration.

Access to Virtual Platform (Whova)

Every presentation including keynotes, panels, technical sessions, special sessions, tutorials, and workshops in IEEE PIMRC 2022 is held in live events using Zoom and Whova.
(IMPORTANT 1) Whova displays only programs and zoom URL, and it has neither embedded viewers nor presentation tools for the zoom events.
(IMPORTANT 2) There are no pre-recorded videos for technical sessions.

Here are the instructions to access symposium through Whova. Please follow the below using your laptop or desktop.

1) Go to Whova from here:
2-1) If you do not have a Whova account, click on “sign up here” below, fill in the blanks, and set the password.
(NOTE: Please use the same e-mail address as that you used for the registration)
2-2) If you have a Whova account, proceed to sign-in.
(NOTE: Your account should have the same e-mail address that you used for registration. If not, follow (2-1), and create a new account.)
3) Completing (2-1) or (2-2) automatically takes you to the main page of IEEE PIMRC 2022. You will be asked to set your profile. Please do it accordingly if you like.

You can also sign-in with the same account by using Whova mobile App. To avoid the mis-match of the e-mail address, we suggest you should avoid to use your social media account for sign-in.

Instruction for Presenters

  • As previously announced, all accepted papers at PIMRC 2022 will be required to provide an Oral Presentation in live sessions.
  • In the technical sessions, presentations should be in a maximum of 18 minutes, composed of 14-minutes presentation and 4 minutes of live questions.
  • For the special sessions and workshops, please follow special session and workshop organizers about the duration of presentations.
  • Live sessions will be run through Zoom. Zoom URL will be available in Whova. We will announce the details about Whova one week before the conference.
  • Speakers are requested to enter their sessions 15 minutes before the session starting times to test their videos and mics.
  • On the Whova platform, attendees can explore and attend 6 different types of sessions:
    • Keynotes (LIVE)
    • Panels (LIVE)
    • Special Sessions (LIVE)
    • Technical Sessions (LIVE)
      • Track 1: PHY & Fundamentals
      • Track 2: Networking and MAC
      • Track 3: Practical and Experimental Systems
      • Track 4: Applications, Platforms, and Business
    • Workshops (LIVE)
    • Tutorials (LIVE)


  • In addition, recorded PIMRC keynotes will be published on the event website shortly after the conference.