IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
12–15 September 2022 // Virtual Conference

WS05: International Workshop on Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks (CLEEN 2022)

Monday 12 September, 16:00-19:00(UTC +9)


Workshop Keynotes

Keynote 1: “Optimizing the Environmental Impact of Networks, the Cloud and Edge”
Erol Gelenbe (FIEEE FACM FIFIP, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences & CNRS Lab. I3S, Univ Cote d’Azur)
Monday 12 September, 16:05-16:25 (UTC+9)

Keynote 2: “Energy-efficient Edge Computing empowered by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”
Paolo di Lorenzo (Univ. La Sapienza, ETSI RIS vice-chair)
Monday 12 September, 18:00-18:20 (UTC+9)


Time(UTC+9) Title Authors
16:05-16:25 Workshop Keynote 1
Optimizing the Environmental Impact of Networks, the Cloud and Edge
Erol Gelenbe (FIEEE FACM FIFIP, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences & CNRS Lab. I3S, Univ Cote d’Azur)
16:25-16:45 XR-specific C-DRX Enhancement for UE power saving in 5G NR Sourav Dutta (IIT Kharagpur, India); Dibbendu Roy (University of Melbourne, Australia); Goutam Das (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India)
16:45-17:10 Industry Talk
MEC and RIC integration: as industrial perspective and evolutionary view
Tuomas Niemela (Chief Architect, Edge Cloud Platforms at Nokia)
17:10-17:30 Enabling Application Relocation in ETSI MEC: A Container-Migration Approach Francesco Barbarulo (University of Pisa, Italy); Carlo Puliafito (University of Pisa, Italy); Antonio Virdis (University of Pisa, Italy); Enzo Mingozzi (University of Pisa, Italy)
18:00-18:20 Workshop Keynote 2
Energy-efficient Edge Computing empowered by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
Paolo di Lorenzo (Univ. La Sapienza, ETSI RIS vice-chair)
18:20-18:40 Robotic Aerial 6G Small Cells with Grasping End Effectors for mmWave Relay Backhauling Jongyul Lee (King’s College London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Vasilis Friderikos (King’s College London, United Kingdom (Great Britain))
18:40-18:55 Panel Discussion
Challenges and Opportunities of Edge Cloud and Energy Efficiency Technologies
Erol Gelenbe (Polish Academy of Sciences & CNRS Lab. I3S, Univ Cote d’Azur); Emilio Calvanese Strinati (CEA Leti); Tuomas Niemela (Nokia); Zdenek Becvar (Technical University in Prague (CTU)); Paolo Di Lorenzo (Univ. La Sapienza)


This workshop explores novel concepts to allow for flexibly centralised radio access networks using cloud-processing based on open IT platforms, exploiting network virtualization and multi-access edge computing technologies that are recognized as key enablers for the definition of future 5G systems. The aim is to allow for a guaranteed high quality of experience for mobile access via efficient management of cloud resources and services, and to allow for a future network evolution focused on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In fact, all future innovative network solutions will be conceived and deployed with a long-term perspective of sustainability, both in terms of energy consumption of the mobile network, its related interoperability with terminals and the cost efficiency of the different deployment and management options. This requires new concepts for the design, operation, and optimization of radio access networks, backhaul networks, operation and management algorithms, and architectural elements, tightly integrating mobile networks and cloud-processing. The emerging paradigm of distributed cloud environment is also a key topic. This workshop will cover technologies across PHY, MAC, and network layers, technologies which extrapolate the cloud-paradigm to the radio access and backhaul network, and will analyse the network evolution from an energy efficiency perspective. It will study the requirements, constraints, and implications for mobile communication networks, and also potential relationship with the offered service, both from an academic and industrial point of view.

We solicit original submissions in the following areas:

  • Centralized / decentralized PHY and MAC processing
  • Flexible assignment of functionality in mobile networks
  • Joint operation and optimization of radio access and backhaul networks for cloud-based mobile networks
  • Integration of cloud-services into green heterogeneous wireless networks; Management of cloud-based/cloud-operated heterogeneous networks providing access to cloud-services
  • Task offloading and distributed computing environments
  • Energy efficiency vs. QoS vs cost-efficiency trade-offs
  • Architectural evolution of mobile networks and cost-effective deployment strategies for evolved heterogeneous wireless network
  • Multi-access Edge Computing and related enablers (e.g. new interfaces, protocols, node-to-node communication, D2D communication, innovative cache support, …), including Multi access technologies
  • Service and energy management aspects of cloud-based mobile networks
  • Energy harvesting for MEC services
  • Integration of O-RAN and MEC architectures
  • Resource allocation techniques; interference analysis, avoidance, and mitigation for heterogeneous networks
  • Testbeds and performance evaluation for cloud-based mobile communication networks
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for cloud efficiency


Hexa-X project (CLEEN 2022) website

Organizing Committee

General Chair

Dario Sabella (Intel, Germany)

TPC Chair

Emilio Calvanese Strinati (CEA LETI, France)

Workshop TPC Co-Chair

Miltiadis Filippou (Intel, Germany)

Publicity Co-Chairs

Pablo Serrano (UC3M, Spain)
Zdenek Becvar (Technical University Prague, Prague)

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: 17 June, 2022 Extended to 30 June, 2022 –Closed
Acceptance Notification: 8 July, 2022 Extended to 22 July, 2022
Camera-Ready Due: 1 August, 2022 Extended to 8 August, 2022
Workshop Date: 12 September, 2022